Welcome to RollingData's applications.

General Utilities
QuikMoney  (Freeware)  v3.66
  Store a copy of all your banking and credit card transactions on your PC. Allows you to peruse all history, search and sum up by payee, type, amount etc.
QuikRentals  (Freeware)  v2.32
  Manage your rental properties. Keep track of everything in one place.
Child Lock  (Freeware)  v1.104
  Lock the keyboard and mouse to stop those wandering little fingers.
Printer Control  (Freeware)  v1.0a
  Simple commandline app to control the default printer. Pause, Clear Queue, Resume.
Screen Markers  (Freeware)  v2.46
  Create marker lines on your screen to help line things up. Save and remember any number of lines.
Reopen Office Docs  (Freeware)  v1.16
  Re-open the MS Office documents you had open before a system restart
Photo Allocator  (Freeware)  v1.33
  In a club with a shared digital camera, various people want copies of the photos. This app is designed to make it easy to distribute copies of each photo.