Photo Allocator

Photo Allocator  (Freeware)
  In a club with a shared digital camera, various people want copies of the photos. This app is designed to make it easy to distribute copies of each photo.

View a directory full of photos and select which families/people are relevant/featured/interested for each photo. A copy of the photo is then added to their own directory for later viewing or copying to CD etc.

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10 Feb 20141.33Fixed bug not allowing F3 & F4 to work
Datafile by default goes in ProgramData but this can be overwritten by specifying DataDir= on the commandline or ithe INI, or by simply placing the MDB file in the app dir
New option to allow/disallow selecting multiple recipients/families
**NOTE: as of Windows7 it seems that showing thumbnails in the source photo list is no longer working. I don't know if this will be fixed.
25 Aug 20111.32Enabled better error message display
14 Oct 20101.31aSetup sets permission to write to {ProgramData}
Fixed dll reg issue
Auto reset form size/loc if error on load
New option for assign subdir paths to Target Dir
Help file updated
Ability to check online for updates
12 Oct 20101.30Data/settings files moved out of {Program Files} to {ProgramData}
Option to delete or save data on uninstall
01 Oct 20101.29dFixed some installations issues with shortcut icons & dll registration
13 Sep 20101.29cAdded a little bit to the Help file
10 Sep 20101.29bUninstall message stating database not deleted
Freeware expiry date removed
04 Sep 20101.29Reselect families when reviewing photos already allocated (same as reviewing undo's)
31 Aug 20101.27bAutorepair of database
18 Jun 20101.27First public release
Supporting Files
Access Runtime (2003)    34 MB