QuikMoney  (Freeware)
  Store a copy of all your banking and credit card transactions on your PC. Allows you to peruse all history, search and sum up by payee, type, amount etc.

Create any number of searches by payee, date, amount, text and save for re-use.
Graph the changes in balance of any period.
Transactions can be imported directly from your online banking. Most banks allow you to export transaction lists in various formats QuikMoney supports QIF & OFX formats.
You can store transactions for any number of accounts, any number of owners, business or personal.

(Requires Access (2002 or above) - Full version or Runtime (download if required from Supporting Files at bottom of this page))

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24 May 20183.65System query 'Find duplicate transactions (within x days)' now compares by amount ignoring whether +/-. Also it will now only list transactions where matches are all within requested date range, and sorts by amount before date
26 Sep 20173.64Account list in Query form shows whether account is closed
Query form label 'Scroll for more filters' should show bold when more than 2 filter criteria are in place. This was not always happening.
Query field selection now includes Date and its value can be a date or Today+/-no. of days (if using, you'll probably want to untick Use Def & set DateFrom & DateTo to nothing)
Account/Query date filters now grey date fields to indicate whether using a named date range eg. Prev 6 mths or user specified dates
Added Last Trans column to Accounts form list
Dblclick account list on Main form to open that account in Accounts
Date presets now includes Last 24 Months
30 Oct 20153.63Select multiple accounts on main form to get sum of those accounts
Transaction form loads its title quicker
More autotext triggers are optional, and autotext entry can be enabled/disabled
Importing bank trans whose date range doesn't include latest already imported, will no longer check bank balance to QuikMoney balance
Importing bank trans summary now shows how many new transactions were imported out of how many transactions were found
Fixed bug where sometimes opening Queries form would cause an error or freeze
Added ability to choose sort order in Accounts form
New system query whereby you can search across a range of transactions looking for combinations that sum to a given number
Option on queries now to list their paramaters in the resultant list window title (just in a basic format)
Query history tweaks
Transaction import logs extra summary lines showing bank & QM balances
Transaction import when cannot auto-determine which account to import to, lists all accounts so you can choose one. Now, by default it shows only those accounts not auto-selected in a previous import.
Log shows name of saved import file
Each account can set a QIF Date Format (relevant if it imports QIFs) designating whether QIF dates are dd/mm or mm/dd
Currency shown at top of Transaction form could sometimes show nothing
New system query, Show Balances on Date
29 Aug 20143.62Transaction payee dropdown no longer shows 'Opening Balance'
Fixed closing whole app using x on window, when Query form open, could give an error
Queries can choose whether showing in/out/both/default
When query loaded in editor, DateFrom & DateTo immediately updated to reflect Datetext
LastTx on main form does not incl Opening Bal
When adding trans, any new payee is automatically added to the payee dropdown for subsequent adds
When remove one and/or criteria in middle of query, subsequent criteria shuffled along (when saved)
When importing bank statement (QIF format), balance in QM compared with AvailBal and LedgerBal from bank to see if either match (was just LedgerBal)
Can filter accounts list by owner or text
Fixed bug where selected owners on main form sometimes get cleared
User is alerted if import transactions to an account marked as closed
Query form now keeps a history of queries run, paramaters selected so you can rerun them
Graphs can now select more than one account and they will be summed to graph ie. pick all accounts for one owner to graph their total
26 Sep 20133.61Fixed System querys showing all accounts whether Closed checkbox ticked or not
New system query to show duplicates within x days
Minor change to db structure
Regular check that running transaction balances are correct
New 'Is Integer' operator for amount field in query
Colour selection textboxes now show colour number so it can be copied/pasted to other colour boxes
Import autotext now applied also when editing a transaction
Option for each account whether to incl in totals at top of Main form, and whether to check bal (if available) from bank when importing
23 Aug 20123.60Redesigned account selection system in Queries
Can link query/node to owner so list jumps to that item when Queries form opened
Date filtering boxes disabled unless checkbox ticked
13 Jun 20123.59Fixed bug introduced in 3.58 where Main accounts list did not sort correctly
Check For Updates will now list what's new
06 Jun 20123.58Form/list sizing of Main form tweaked
If you cancel an import before it is finished it will throw away any trans already imported. It will now also discard any alerts gathered
Query results should always show in & out transactions, ignoring current setting for viewing account transactions
Grid view of all import autotext entries
Query sorting would sort by two resquested fields in wrong order
Filter By Date checkboxes on Main and Queries forms now have a red box to highlight when they are ticked
Transaction Payee now a dropdown to help when manually adding transaction
Deleting imported transactions will now delete file log entry, so reimport using different file type will no longer bother user to confirm
Can click on column header on Main form to sort (temporarily) by column
26 Feb 20123.57Alerts for text match during import now shows alert even if another copy running
In/Out label backcolours not set correctly since changed form colouring in v3.56
Transaction lists such as import autotext matches will now always show in & out trans even if curr user setting is to show only in or out
Dates now hardcoded to system "Short Date" format
Can now enter a single 'from' date to filter transactions without entering a 'to' date
14 Nov 20113.56Improved form colouring
25 Oct 20113.53Query name filter would not build tree properly
28 Sep 20113.52Fixed potential error when app opens to automatically import a bank transaction file
21 Sep 20113.51Split some option settings into separate USER/PC sources (Files DataG,DataU)
Better handling of transaction list column sizing
Import autotext alerts now shows affected imported transactions
System query "Find Duplicate Trans" now shows affected transactions
Removed 'Import All' item from menu
19 Aug 20113.50Transaction forms can be resized by width
Buttons on transaction forms to snap current form beside or underneath the form it is over top of
Option in toolbar to size and place transaction forms in preset configurations (2x1,3x1,1x2,2x2,3x2)
When transaction form is resized, the mouse pointer stays on top of the button
'Duplicate query' now selects the new query
In system queries, changing owner will correctly clear acctno field
29 Jul 20113.49Fixed error when creating a new account while another already selected
Import Autotext can now alert you when matching text found
Import results form now shows diffence between balance from bank and balance in QuikMoney (balance only supported in QIF files)
14 Jul 20113.48Fixed bug Amount(abs) not working in queries
Amounts in queries now formatted to 2 decimal places
Resize of list on main form now moves mouse with button
Removed startup licensing check
24 Jun 20113.47Import of OFX files from bank will now display balance from bank and alert user if balance in QuikMoney is different
21 Jun 20113.45Fix bug where you could get more than one opening balance record
Two 'System queries' now can select owner and/or account
16 Jun 20113.45Fix bug stopping adhoc (temporary) queries running
10 Jun 20113.44Can open transaction list from Accounts form
Autotext name independent of text
Hold shift key during drag/drop of a query name does copy/duplicate
Option to hide details on transactions form
Button to move transactions form below other
Acct details shown line by line for transactions (optional)
More default date ranges in date selection dropdowns
11 May 20113.42Description field available for Import Autotext
Fixed where could not manually enter a transaction with empty Payee/Cat/Memo
21 Apr 20113.40Queries can choose accounts to search through based on account type (eg. personal, international) or can choose individual accounts
Queries can now have 8 filtering criteria (scroll form to right)
Can enter an Account Type for an account. Acct No & Type are shown on the Transactions form
Number of accounts and transactions shown for each owner in Owners form
Number of transactions shown for each account in Accounts form
Option to show/hide each owner in Owners form
12 Apr 20113.31Treeview display of queries list in graphs form
11 Apr 20113.30Treeview display of queries. You can now create folder type branched categories to group your queries
Can now set sort order on lists by owner and account
Difference calculator (dblclick on a trans balance column) has button to copy result to clipboard
24 Mar 20113.20Owner now shows in accounts list on accounts form
Notes field added for accounts
List of owners on main form now a list not dropdown
09 Mar 20113.18Main form can be resized vertically
Check on startup that data files exist in same dir
20 Jan 20113.17Import log entries deleted after same period as import files, defined in Options (was 7 days)
The app keeps note of files formats imported to compare against future imports of same date range. It will no longer store that info if no new trans were imported from a file
Any transaction form filter in effect will be maintained after record updated and list refreshed
When editing autotext entries, there is now an option to test reapplying it, to see how many records affected, without actually making any changes
Autotext now enclosed in ~~ as [] are reserved chars in Access
06 Jan 20113.16Fixed bug introduced in 3.15 where import could miss some trans
Queries can sort by two columns
16 Dec 20103.15Current transaction list being viewed will autoupdate when adding or modifying a tran within that list
When importing transactions, the system checks and warns user if importing same date range/account but different file types, which can cause duplicates
11 Nov 20103.10bFind Duplicates query now ignores +/-
Filter available when viewing query names
Autotext pattern testbox
05 Nov 20103.10Check queries for mismatched bracket count
Fixed small bug causing error on some queries that had no date specified
Can now duplicate an autotext entry
11 Oct 20103.8hInternal changes
08 Oct 20103.8gInstall message about MS Office security warning
Tested on Access Runtime 2007 & 2010
05 Oct 20103.8fInternal changes
25 Sep 20103.8dDisplay help info on first run
23 Sep 20103.8cBetter placement of Query & Main forms to bottom right of screen
05 Sep 20103.8bMinor fix when re-applying autotext
10 Aug 20103.8aAbility to check online for updates
07 Aug 20103.8 Finally got a (very) basic Help file out
05 Aug 20103.7fBetter colour selection handling
22 Jul 20103.7dDate and account selection options for system queries
16 Jul 20103.7 Bug fix on query form
03 Jul 20103.6aBetter display of info when importing a transaction file
26 Jun 20103.5 Better autotext form
18 Jun 20103.3iFirst public release
Supporting Files
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