QuikRentals  (Freeware)
  Manage your rental properties. Keep track of everything in one place.

Manage your rental properties, and manage the managers.
A single place to put all the details of your properties,, the owners, tenants, tenancies, mortgages.
Monitor rent paid vs rent due, account for any deductions.
Create tax reports (currently supports NZ & UK formats).

(Requires Access (2002 or above) - Full version or Runtime (download if required from Supporting Files at bottom of this page)
User needs to be a member of Power Users or Adminstrator group whilst the app is being installed.)

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11 Apr 20192.32Fixed contact notes not always syncing to Outlook
Added options to Property, Add Rent Due & Add Mortgage Trans
Resized Transaction form to show more deductions
02 Jun 20182.31Fixed bug where new trans might be assigned to old tenant if no end date set for tenant
02 Jun 20182.30Fixed bug where getting some incorrect values in the Totals tab in Transactions form (shows when the transaction has deductions)
24 May 20182.29Saving the mortgage form will no longer delete future mortgage trans unless that mortgage is marked as 'Current'
Added transaction type 'Cash Added'
Transactions and Property Notes added to Excel export
Option to temporarily turn off 'that is an old date' alert in transactions
When the transaction filter toggle button is activated, a red box shows around it to remind you the filter is active
23 Oct 20172.28Can add Depreciation Type and Supplier/Contractor directly from Asset form
26 Sep 20172.27"Fixed issue in Equation Editor form where percentages were rounded to 0 decimal places instead of 2
Import transactions from a spreadsheet could incorrectly say there was a duplicate transaction as it didn't check against the same property
Online management statement can now be called for a property even if no current tenancy (if manager set for property)
Forms showing transaction types now show I/E (considered Income or Expense) & I/O (typically money In or Out)
New option, Warn when transaction date entered older than x days
New transaction type, Compliance
Minor tweaks on management fee % rounding"
11 Jun 20162.26Added button to Property Note form to paste clipboard as plain text
Transaction form buttons to copy previous Rent Paid or Mgt Fee, will now copy related formula and notes also
New button on transaction form to copy Amount/Formula/Notes from last transaction of the type specified
New reports: Mortgage Estmated Amount Owing, Profitability separating Inc/Exp / Mortgages, Management Withheld Amounts
When you run the same report/query having changed some parameters, it will now close the one being viewed and open new (before it just brought the original to the foreground)
Fixed Transaction form showing 'No mgr' in some cases
Tweaked display of property status when in between tenants. Will show rent & bill status from current (if any) or most recent tenant
Added a form to show all items that have ability to sync to Outlook. Can set/unset sync for each item.
Set Relationship in Property Related Contact to required
30 Oct 20152.25Sometimes clicking on an email hyperlink could cause an error
When editing a formula for a transaction, there is now a button to copy in the formula from the last transaction of this type
Fixed bug where right-clicking an empty row in the transaction list would give error
Option for 'Show transactions only for selected tenant' now also available on Main form
'Meters need to be read' action now only added at end of tenancy when there is no manager
A new transaction can now add a Property Note immediately rather than having to save first then return to it
Added ability to import a spreadsheet full of transactions (ie. exported from some other system)
Fixed bug where you couldn't right-click to add a transaction if the list was empty (new users would never be able to use the system)
Fixed bug trying to add a depreciation schedule to an asset that has no depreciation item assigned
When assigning an asset to a transaction, can now create a new asset on the fly
Fixed bug if filtering transactions by date and using 'Search' option rather than filter
Exporting transactions to a spreadsheet now creates an unsaved xls. User can save if required.
08 Aug 20142.24Depreciation now calculated even if property not marked for rental or Claiming Depr not ticked in a schedule. However, reports will still not show any depreciation if Claiming Depr not ticked. This means that an item can keep devaluing each year ready for when you might choose to start claiming depreciation eg. a property you were tracking that was not a rental originally, becomes a rental.
01 Jul 20142.23Internal ability to override property related relationship abbrieviation when syncing with Outlook eg. '<property>_Neighbour' now '<property>_Nbr'
Sort primary contacts to top of contacts list in Manager form
UK tax report now shows Rent Due from prev year as +ve (UK rental income derives from Rent Due, which is stored as a -ve in QR)
Transaction auto-calculated management fee rounding tweaks, rounding check popup disabled for now
Management Accounts with non-zero balance would always show in list on Main form. Now only for balances > 5.00
Fixed changing tenant on transaction could cause an error
07 Mar 20142.22Transactions list will show each transaction formula if no other notes to display
Property list right-click will not offer Online Statements if no manager or manager has not specified a URL for these
Fix db update bug introduced in 2.20
26 Sep 20132.20Insert email hyperlink in Property Note somehow missed a bit of code in release
Option for default display text on email hyperlink in Property Note can now show date &/or subject from email
Fix bug adding a transaction, would try to default to transtype of selected transaction, but would give error if that type was not available in transtype dropdown list on transaction form
Fix bug adding a Rent Forwarded to Landlord transaction within a Rent paid transaction, then subsequently deleting it could cause an error
New report Cashflow Transactions to help reconcile with bank statement (or QuikMoney)
Ability to resync all contacts with Outlook in one go
Better handling of multiple phnos sync to Outlook
Fields in Options where you can specify your settings for syncing contacts with Outlook
Option to sync contacts to outlook only if same country
When selecting a propery manager contact to email, P denotes the Primary contact(s)
Filter by text will ignore single vs plural eg. a search for 'curtains' will now return an entry eg. 'Left curtain replaced'
Asset no longer demands a Depr Method if no Depr Item assigned
Fixed contractors that had no assigned type would not show on list
Internal change to the way many dropdown lists were preselected
If no property is selected, text filters applied to all properties, and now, to all property notes also
Alternative Search Terms now displayed on form when entering the filter textboxes
Fixed problem adding new Tenancy to new Tenant
Tax status messages were showing multiple times when opening a transaction for some properties. Now show only once per transaction and can disable entirely in Property form.
Can now highlight several deductions rows in a transaction to see subtotal of selections
Amounts in transaction now rounded to 2 decimal places (before they showed rounded but were stored to many decimal places)
Tenant Contacts not being saved correctly linked to tenant
If modify deduction transaction from within a rent paid transaction, other fields in the form are updated immediately
Changes to asset writeoff
Small change to default date handling for transactions
Hyperlinks in notes fields fixed with Outlook 2007+
When system writes off a low-value asset, it fills in the Asset field in the accompanying transaction
Separate Depreciation rates for new or second hand
Useability changes to Assets and Depreciation form
When entering a transaction, you will be alerted if it appears you are assigning a fairly old date
If filtered list of transactions being displayed is for all properties, col 1 shows property rather than tenant
Notes shown in list of related transactions on transaction form and property note form
13 Jun 20122.11Fixed bug introduced in 2.10 where deduction transactions did not link to the base Rent Paid transaction
Check For Updates will now list what's new
06 Jun 20122.10Installation now requires user to be a member of Power Users or Adminstrator group. This is to make a very small registry change that enables use of the RichTextbox control which is required for the new hyperlink support in Property Notes. Only need extra privileges at installation time, not for subsequent usage.

Text filters on main form also show property notes with a Type matching the filter text
Transaction list always jumps to last when no other option requested
Added Title to property note
Can resize Property Note form, globally, and separate size on individual notes
Property notes can now embed hyperlinks to files, emails, email addresses, websites etc
When opening a property note from within a transaction, if there is more than one property note linked to the transaction you will be asked which to open
A couple of reports that offered to swap +ve/-ve did not do so
Owners list added to Assets & Depreciation form
Disposed-of assets now coloured grey instead of showing 'D'
Dates are checked for validity
08 Mar 20122.09Fixed bug in report NZ IR3R
Force completion of some required mortgage fields
Better handling of backdated mortgages
Changed system for property notes that recreate themselves
26 Feb 20122.08Alternative search terms can now be added/edited by user
Esc will close most forms but was not working when cursor was on a listview field. Fixed.
Transtype totals in a rentpaid trans showing deductions etc, will now autochange to reflect data typed into the Amount, MgtFee & RentFwdToLL fields
Deleting 'Mgt Fee - Rent' trans from deductions will not cause error
Don't allow = sign when editing formula
Option to sync contacts to Outlook (read Help for details of this)
Additional reports exported to Excel
Bank Acct field for some entities
Text filter for contractor name on Contractors form
Can now print data forms
06 Dec 20112.07Fixed bug where new installs would automatically try to check for updates on the internet without asking, but the update would fail
29 Nov 20112.06Fixed some minor issues around showing & saving mgtfee/trans amount formulas
Fixed bug where mgtfee was not logged in historical transaction log
Fixed main form lower left panel was blue on new installs
Changes to Amount or Mgt Fee on a Rent Paid transaction now immediately updates lists at top & bottom right of trans form
Editing trans groups shows country beside TransType
Tenancy notes shown at bottom of Main form, now correctly only shows notes from current tenancy
14 Nov 20112.04Improved form colouring
25 Oct 20112.02New advanced filter added: transaction Date Added
Fixed bug where no tax year was assigned to a transaction that had a contractor but no paid date
Can now press enter on lists to open detail (as well as dblclick)
Now if you close formula editor, no change is made to source field (eg. management fee)
28 Sep 20112.01Fixed problem where a MgtFee transaction might not link correctly to a base Rent Paid transaction
21 Sep 20112.00New property info tab "Year Tots" to show yearly sums by transaction type
Transaction filters for type and date remembered across app restart
Changed the way the mouse pointer follows resize buttons on main form
Fixed broken report NZ IR3R
Option on main form to filter Taxable transactions
Fixed transaction logging
Split some option settings into separate USER/PC sources (Files DataG,DataU)
Depreciation schedule form now auto recalculates Depr Claimed and Closing Adjusted Value as you change figures on the form
In Asset & Depreciation form, asset shows its description if there is one, otherwise the asset type
New field for Manager to list any other known fees (general text field)
You can now dbl-click Manager name in a transaction to open the manager form (to view fees etc)
14 Jul 20111.98Duplicate mortgage & tenancy functions now show side by side forms in different colours
Ability to resize property/transactions lists on main form
Removed startup licensing check
28 Jun 20111.97Option for reports to show -ve outgoings as +ve (useful if using the numbers to type into another app or web form)
Changing price of an asset recalcs depreciation
21 Jun 20111.96Main form now has button to open additional transaction filter options eg.Taxable, Affect Cashflow, Userflag set, etc
10 Jun 20111.95Removed transaction type WriteOff, replaced with -ve RentDue
Tenancies for non-current tenants now marked as non-current
EndDate field for Tenancy, used to alert user to upcoming end of tenancy
Reoccurring Property Notes no longer cause duplicates if you change note text
Formula for MgtFee within a RentPaid transaction is now kept with the MgtFee transaction
Filters can now be applied across all properties at once
User definable flags for transactions (see Options)
Fixed highlight of outstanding rent when tenancies renewed at new rate
11 May 20111.92On Main form, there is now a checkbox for whether filter dropdown shows transaction type or tax category
Correction to some UK tax reports
On Main form, transaction filter & row selection sums show more info
On query results showing as a grid, you can sum up rows by selecting the column and rows and pressing Shift-Ctrl-S
Some new reports
24 Apr 20111.89Adding a transaction when view is filtered by one trans type, the new transation will default to that type
IR3 report (NZ) will now handle empty address
New report, tax summary by IR3RCat (NZ)
19 Mar 20111.88Fixed a number of issues affecting setup of owners,properties etc on an empty database (ie. a new setup)
17 Mar 20111.87Auto add of Rent Due will not add entries beyond the End Date if set for a tenant
Quick help info on main form for new users
09 Mar 20111.85Check on startup that data files exist in same dir
24 Feb 20111.84On a transaction, its Base Transaction would show blank if that Base Transaction was dated > today
Dblclick "Filter trans by user def grps" on main form will now set filter to default group, not blank
Amount & MgtFee field in trans will now accept and remember a formula. Formula can have text in it for your own info, only numbers etc used eg. 1100*4%*6mths. Same for Mgt% fields in manager & tenancy forms. Hover over any field with a formula and it will show you the underlying formula.
20 Jan 20111.82Dblclick on linking, dropdown boxes that are empty will no longer cause error
Ability to set management fee rounding type within a transaction
New Rent Due trans added immediately when tenancy altered
Trans context menu lets you set filter to selected trans type
Country tax notes
17 Dec 20101.80'Total additions/deductions by type' on trans form
New transaction type, 'Painting & decorating' (was just using Repairs)
You can dblclick Unaccounted box on trans form to create Withheld trans immediately, so you can add comments to it etc
11 Nov 20101.7fChanged dblclick defaults for filters on Main form
Minor useability improvements
11 Oct 20101.7bInternal changes
08 Oct 20101.7aInstall message about MS Office security warning
Tested on Access Runtime 2007 & 2010
05 Oct 20101.7Added ability to have more than one Rent Forwarded to Landlord in a transaction group
27 Sep 20101.6mFix for menus not running when using Access Runtime
25 Sep 20101.6kDisplay help info on first run
13 Sep 20101.6gAdjusted method of highlighting outstanding rents etc
05 Sep 20101.6fTweaked a minor rounding issue
01 Sep 20101.6eF5/Ctrl-I support for adding deduction transaction
27 Aug 20101.6cMore added to Help file. Small changes to Mortgage form.
20 Aug 20101.6Finally got a (very) basic Help file out
10 Aug 20101.5xAbility to check online for updates
05 Aug 20101.5vTransactions can link to Outlook emails
23 Jul 20101.5sExtra shortcuts on transaction form, F6 Rent Paid, F7 Mgt Fee, F8 Save&Close
23 Jul 20101.5rRegistration of OCX being used
22 Jul 20101.5qSmall fix when using two text filters
06 Jul 20101.5pAbility to jump to last occurence of given transaction type
03 Jul 20101.5kMinor changes to default MgtFee calc on transaction
29 Jun 20101.5iShow mortgage maturity, allow duplicating from within Owner Mortgage list
18 Jun 20101.5gFirst public release
Supporting Files
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