Reopen Office Documents

Reopen Office Docs  (Freeware)
  Re-open the MS Office documents you had open before a system restart

If you have a bunch of MS Office documents open (Excel, Word & Outlook supported) and you need to do a system restart (or Windows AutoUpdate does that for you), this app makes it a little easier by re-opening those documents again afterwards.

It can operate in several modes:
1. Run with no commandline and the menu will open allowing you to select options manually.
2. Run with commandline /scan and it will sit in the system tray keeping track of currently open documents. Set it to run with this option at system startup and it will automatically re-open those documents, then return to the tray monitoring.
3. Run with commandline /shutdown to take note of currently open documents (you can choose how you want to call this).
4. Run with commandline /reopen to re-open those documents (set this to run at system startup).

I'm not sure I can fully recommend mode 2 (/scan) though. It works well except when the user has a dialog open in Office eg. has clicked File Open or Save As. In this case ReopenOfficeDocs pops up saying it is stuck waiting on Office. I'm not aware of a fix for this at this stage, sorry.

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21 Aug 20131.16Fix to allow reopen of Outlook items with Outlook 2007+
Added ability to manually add files to be reopened eg. non-office files (these are not autodetected)
Buttons to reopen just Excel or Word etc
05 Jan 20121.11Will now read/reopen Outlook items in addition to Word & Excel
26 Apr 20111.09Previous versions forgot to register a required file
05 Apr 20111.08Better handling & display of commandline and startup options
Cosmetic changes
29 Mar 20111.06Displays count of docs unsaved, button to list them
01 Oct 20101.5bFixed some installations issues with shortcut icons & dll registration
15 Sep 20101.5aSetting "Execute Command" will remember and default to current command
10 Sep 20101.5First public release
Supporting Files
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