Screen Markers

Screen Markers  (Freeware)
  Create marker lines on your screen to help line things up. Save and remember any number of lines.

Ever tried lining things up on your screen, or tried to move something to the same place as last time.
Screen Markers will let you do just that.

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28 Sep 20232.48When adding marker, you can left mouse click to add the marker OR press the ` key
About form will now show even if Stay On Top selected
Better error handling
17 Jan 20192.46If Grab Markers is ticked, then hovering close to a marker line will cause it to change to indicate you can grab it
You can now grab and drag horizontal and vertical at the same time
Sliders for move & resize now all horizontal
New option makes Minimise to Tray optional
Some button renames
07 Nov 20172.44Will now work on multiple monitors whichever way round they are
02 Sep 20172.43Fixed Options form could be hidden behind Main form if Stay On Top selected
Warn user if unsaved changed BEFORE loading Option
25 Jan 20152.42If change INI file location (DataDir in Options), it now loads that list immediately
If a group is changed, then deleted, you are no longer prompted to save the changes
20 Dec 20142.41Will now work on multiple monitors with one caveat (for now). The monitor defined as Main in Control Panel/Display must be the one on the left
27 Jul 20142.40Can now select multiple markers and use nudge buttons to move enmasse
Fixed bug in group import that sometimes did not close a file handle
28 Nov 20132.39Fix to allow grabbing anywhere on the marker line
Fix for grabbing one marker when several displayed, the wrong one was sometimes moved
27 Nov 20132.38Internal fix to keyboard & mouse hooks to allow simultaneous vb apps with hooks to work
Ability to grab marker lines now controlled by a checkbox
New Option to set mouse proximity to marker lines that triggers grab
16 Jul 20132.36Can now drag & drop to move lines
Fixes for colour handling
14 Mar 20122.33Fixed issue with FlashSel checkbox/menu item conflicting with each other
Fixed problem where Stay On Top would not turn off as requested
05 Mar 20122.32Marker lines can now be dotted type
Added ability to duplicate marker(s)
Added ability to rename group
Added export/import group. Makes some effort to adjust when imported to a PC with diff screen res.
Added option to keep form on top of other windows
Fixed a bug where if Flash Selected was on, it was sometimes difficult to click on items in other windows
29 Aug 20112.31When changing Data Dir in Options the old datafile will be moved to the new location
29 Jul 20112.30Just 2.04 renumbered as some site had 2.02 down as 2.2
05 Apr 20112.04Minor cosmetics
08 Jun 20112.03Internal corrections to keyboard hook
05 Apr 20112.02Commandline options to run/change running group, show/stop/quit
11 Nov 20102.0bFixed Check for updates
Allow only one instace of app to run
04 Nov 20102.0Major change to system of drawing marker lines. No more line artefacts when moving the background window.
Can set line thickness and opacity.
Option to copy current marker settings to new marker.
Improved scrollbars for moving & resizing markers
One-handed global hotkey to show/hide markers
Settings stored in INI (so you can copy between PCs). INI now stored in [ProgramData] dir, not [Program Files].
Added ability to check online for updates.
A number of minor bug fixes.
21 Oct 20101.2aMoved Flash Selected option to Main form
Changed Clear Group Selection to use Ctrl-E, not Ctrl-C
20 Oct 20101.2Fixed some bugs
Added option to copy current settings when adding new marker
01 Oct 20101.1cFixed some installations issues with shortcut icons & dll registration
10 Sep 20101.1bFreeware expiry date removed
24 Aug 20101.1Minimizes/closes to system tray
21 Aug 20101.0bFixed small bug deleting marker
18 Jun 20101.0aFirst public release
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